Six In The City

Where You Are Always the Guest Of Honour

Connect, Refuel & Laugh…

Show us how you Six In The City! Each month on the 6th, head out with your girlfriends to connect, refuel and laugh!  Post us your pics!  We do not prioritize spending time with our best girls enough!

Subscribe below to find out where we are headed each month on the 6th!  If you do, you’re in for a treat!  Evenings of great conversation, laughter, empowering connections and an inspiring talk by She The Mighty Founder Michell Smith.

Leave feeling recharged and with a swagger in your step!

These monthly events will fuel you, recharge you and keep awake the most powerful version of you, all year long.   Some “networking events” are just too cliquey, too “pecking orderish” and too snooty.

After attending SO MANY events that just felt disconnected, we decided to create our own that did the exact opposite.  At Six in the City, you will be greeted as soon as you arrive and will be introduced around by one of our “Member-Hosts”.  It is our goal to host you for an evening out where you leave feeling like a champion.

It’s time to fill the world with a new breed of superheroes…  Who pick each other up, and don’t let each other down.  Join the most powerful monthly night out crew you’ve ever been a part of.

Come Out On the 6th, Every Month

Six in the city is an event like no other.

Come on out and meet other powerful, kind, ambitious,

intelligent, courageous and generous people…

Find a tribe that truly has your back.  #sixinthecity

Six In The City Schedule

6:00 pm
We Descend
We descend on whatever venue we’ve decided to haunt each month 😉 Arrive in style and meet the other fabulous women (and men) who are in attendance tonight!  Grab a cocktail and look forward to an evening that will leave you inspired!
7:30  pm
Swagger Session

With Michell Smith

Your monthly “pick-me-up snack”, listen to a 25 minute inspirational, motivational smackdown, and feel yourself get taller in real time.
8:00 pm
Big Talk
In a charged and inspired atmosphere, enjoy the rest of your evening engaged in conversations that run deep.  Engage in “Big Talk” with other guests and leave the small talk behind…
8:30 Pm
Monthly Prizes

Winners announced

Each month we raffle off prizes from our sponsors to our lucky guests!  Winners are selected and announced at 8:30 pm & must be in the room to claim their prize on the spot!

9:00 PM
You Call The Shots
Stay and mingle until your heart’s desire!  Our official program for the evening ends, but who knows how long conversations continue and “just one more glass” gets ordered.  Until next month, on the 6th!

Sponsor A Gift

We are proud to support local businesses within our community.

Should your business wish to donate a gift for the monthly raffle, please follow the button to fill in the form.

Supporting Six In The City shows that you support women empowering other women.

Your Host

Along with all of the other inspiring, refreshing, powerful boss-babe women who attend each month…

Michell Smith
Michell Smith

Founder & CEO, She The Mighty

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