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A Different Kind Of Pick Up Game

Help Us Spread Strength And Kindness To Women Everywhere

The game is: To make kindness cool. To pick each other up as women.

To compliment each other and teach our daughters to do the same.  

To lead by example.

To rise.

Average number of interactions we have with other women every week

Weekly opportunities we have to make another woman's day and put a smile on her face

Number of Pick Up Cards you get in each pack

Number of cards you have to share to make a difference

Start Your Own Game

Every Pick Up Game pack includes 20 unique, individually designed, inspiring game cards.

Each card has a beautiful image on its front and a compliment on its back.

Buy your own game pack and start a pick up wave any time you want to.



Every single tiny act of kindness makes a difference  

Be the good

Spread the word

Get in the game


Become A Pick Up Expert. Start Today

Never performed a random act of kindness before?  Try it on for size!  

See how it feels to do something wonderful for someone else – we bet you get addicted too!  

Download a free sample trial card here. Then tell us about it!

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Pick Up Game Ideas

Bring a hot (or cold) drink to the crosswalk lady

Give a $10 gift card to the lady you see travelling to work every day

Write a letter to a friend expressing your gratitude

Bring flowers to the lady who sings beautifully at church

Give a She The Mighty mug to someone at your office

Go clothes shopping and if you get remarkable service, give your retail consultant a card & thank her for being awesome.

Practice your stealthy skills!  Write a thank you card telling someone you think they’re wonderful and secretly drop it into their purse/bag for them to find later.  Leave it anonymous!

Pick Up Game Ideas

Buy someone a coffee and pay them a compliment

Load someone’s groceries into their car for them

Compliment a busy mom, in front of her daughter

Escort someone with an umbrella when it’s raining

Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru

Leave your waitress a card and a note appreciating her great service

Say something nice to a co-worker every day for a week straight

Bring the girl who usually serves you coffee a thankyou card

Tweet us your Pick Up Game ideas and photos @shethemighty  

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Become A Pick Up Expert. Start Today

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