Smart Enough To Quit

Smart Enough To Quit

For some reason the term “quitting” has been unfairly classified in this world. A term heavily painted with failure, one that is distasteful on the passage across your tongue, it accompanies a look, a feeling and an apology.

The assumptions that cloak and somehow seem to define a person once they have actually performed the act travel in the same neighbourhood as whispers, judgment and pity.

“Quitting” has been treated unfairly… subjected to a lifetime of distaste, shunned acceptance and weak-naturedness… never socially permitted to distinguish between the polar existences that “quitting” is forced to accommodate.

“Quitting” can be a practice of the weak – to leave responsibilities, projects or dreams unfinished, to give up on a worthwhile pursuit for a lack of equitable effort is an unfortunate robbery from the seeds of accomplishment.

Pride – the good kind lives only after persistence and dedication to the goal is sustained, the challenges traversed and the true honour earned that is now injected into your heart and soul as an irreversible deposit of personal integrity.

It is in this way that character is built… intentional construction of characteristics… a simple representation of what truly exists – not the titles or labels we select to define ourselves, but the realities of what we have done and who we are being.

In such an evolutionary time, we persist to use the term “quitting” as a definition of abject failure, and instead revere “Commitment”, as though that name is of a more respectable kind.

But, in definition alone, neither holds command… “Commitment” has just had a better PR team handling her for centuries.

It is easier to be committed to the wrong things for the sake of being committed – because we got sold on this by the PR Agency working for “Commitment”… and poor “Quitting” got stuck with a lemon of an underlying meaning of “losing” being framed the way she did….   It’s all about spin & fake news it seems…

I refer to dear old Webster under the presumption that their description would fulfill these truths, and to nothing less than astonishment I read their first definition, which stopped me straight.

To free oneself.

Sometimes, quitting trumps commitment.  Sometimes, quitting is the best choice.

Michell Smith

Michell Smith

CEO She The Mighty

Michell is a best selling author, sales, leadership and business consultant.  A grand slam, home-run, motivational speaker, she has spoken on stage more than 5000 times.  More here.


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