6 Keys For Business Success

6 Keys For Business Success

Listening to my girlfriends discuss the challenges they have working with other woman only re-enforces for me the truth about women in business… Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies.

We all want to be treated with respect and be seen as capable, confident business people but ask yourself this – when was the last time you had an issue working with a woman yourself?

Did she react emotionally to something in an inappropriate way? Did she avoid your calls and not respond to texts?  Have you ever done it too?

Almost all of us have – myself included, particularly when I was younger and just starting my career.

25+ years of experience teaches you certain lessons. Young women ask me all the time what my one tip for them to succeed would be – there isn’t just one.

If I had to make a short list it would come down to these six things:

1. Guy It Up

It can take a woman FOREVER to say something… and then even not really know what she said.

Men are direct and women are indirect in the way that they communicate. In business, women need to learn to Guy it up!

Be clear. Be direct. Be concise.

Don’t type an email that is longer than a few sentences if you can help it. No one has time to read crazy long emails that include a ton of unnecessary chatter. Get to the point in as few words as possible without being rude.

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

Direct communication can sound offensive to the ears of us feminine types, however most of the time it is not intended to be. And, even if it is, reacting emotionally has no place in business transactions.

Take a breath, remove the emotion and manage the logistics. Don’t lose time because of an emotional reaction, and don’t withdraw emotionally in response either.

Count on yourself for your sense of value and don’t allow others to take your confidence from you… It’s your confidence – they can’t have it.

3. Be Professional

Get your job done efficiently. Be conscious of everyone’s time and respect it. Never be late. Never discuss confidential work issues with others.

Build your career with results and great work ethic. People love doing business with people who are great at their jobs. Make it easy for others to work with you.

5. Know Your Value

Do not undercharge for your services. Too frequently women will discount their prices in order to get business when they don’t have to. By discounting too quickly that shows a lack of confidence and a lack of value.

Do your research – know what others charge for what you offer and set your pricing appropriately. Taking on work that you feel you are being underpaid for is nobody’s fault but your own (if you do it).

And if you do it, and then treat that client as less important – you are damaging your business, your brand and your reputation. Instead, know your value and charge appropriately.

6. Be Positive

The value of a positive attitude is almost unparalleled. Being pessimistic, doubtful or negative about others is negative to be around. Elevate those around you by setting the example with a positive mindset. Be tough with your negotiations and be nice when they are done.

And – be positive to other women in your wake… Treating other women in a way that is intended to make things tougher for them or to make them question their confidence is despicable.

We are all in this together, and we can help each other. Choose to.

Michell Smith

Michell Smith

CEO - She The Mighty

Michell is a best selling author and speaker who’s mission is to empower women and girls to lead and succeed. Hire her to speak to and inspire your team here.


When Your Boss Talks Too Much

When Your Boss Talks Too Much

Women are very skilled at practicing tolerance.

Being in meetings with others who drive you nuts by how long it takes them to communicate is painful.

Sitting in meetings where you are constantly angry, disengaged and fighting with yourself not to show blatant disrespect when your boss/partner/co-worker is speaking, is no way to spend time…

It sucks if you believe that this person is intentionally hijacking your time as a demonstration of their authority and power, and as an obvious intentional lack of respect for you.

There is one smart way that you can attempt to influence their way of communicating with you, and its the opposite of what ever fibre in your being wants to do….

You need to give them what they deeply desire – Make them feel respected.  Make them feel heard.

Make them feel validated and that the outcomes and action steps required to be taken are understood.

If you’re dealing with this issue, there are 3 possible futures for yourself:


1. You Refuse To Respect Them


You continue to tolerate the meetings and you hate your job whenever it involves dealing with this person.

You handle the long conversations badly as usual, demonstrate your irritation by looking at the clock, looking at other things on your computer, avoid making eye contact, and act disrespectfully showing them that you want them to hurry up, because the last thing you’re going to do is show them respect….

They are annoyed by your presence, every time they see/think about you. You do not love your life.


2. You Choose To Respect Them


You make them feel respected by actually paying them respect. Become a better listener. Confirm back to them what you heard they said needed to be addressed or done.

Write it down to show it was important enough to write down. Listen. Stay present.

When you feel the indifference kicking in, demonstrate that you care again about getting the message and action items correct.

They feel respected. They feel heard. They feel validated.

Your future working with them will be smoother. You will enjoy most of your job.

You will not hate your life.


3. You Quit


Ask yourself this question, “Is it worth it to attempt to improve this issue by leaning in?”

You’ll hear the answer that’s true for you.

Practicing tolerance (for most women I know) could become an Olympic sport 😉

And, by the way – it will happen again…. Might as well get some practice in right now and watch how it influences their behaviour!

I suggest reading the book Whale Done, to see just how much influence you actually have by leaning in and paying respect as a strategy.

Michell Smith

Michell Smith

CEO She The Mighty

Michell is a best selling author, sales, leadership and business consultant.  A grand slam, home-run, motivational speaker, she has spoken on stage more than 5000 times.  More here.


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