Embrace Your Inner Beginner!

Embrace Your Inner Beginner!

When was the last time you were a beginner at something?   Something SO NEW that it actually scared you a little, or A LOT?

There’s a quote that I love by Wendy Flynn;

“Allow yourself to be a beginner.  No one starts off being excellent.”  

Brilliant.  I think of it often when I’m diving into a new adventure.  

This year has been a BIG year of FIRSTS in my life and I’ve been scared a lot (like, a lot, a lot) but getting out of my comfort zone has been so stretching and has allowed me to grow, in leaps and bounds.  

It’s amazing the doors that open when you “take a chance on YOU”, even if in the moment you’re not really “feeling it” and you doubt yourself BIG TIME.  

My motto lately has been, “say YES to new opportunities”.  

This is actually my VERY FIRST BLOG post (thank you for reading!!).  Writing is something I’ve been thinking about and putting off because there is always that feeling of not being “good enough” to inspire others.  

Of course, that’s a lie that my “little voice between my two ears” tells me.

 I wish I could duct tape its mouth sometimes (the visual in my head is hilarious…haha).  

That little voice that whispers all our insecurities to us and makes them feel real.  This voice disguises its intentions by telling us that it’s “saving us from failure”, but in fact it’s stopping us from achieving great things in our lives.  

We ALL have something incredible to offer and share with others.  I’ve learned that as long as you know 1% more than someone else, you are adding value to their life.  You may be giving them that A-HA moment they’ve been craving.

Don’t hold back.  Get out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of EMBRACING your inner-beginner.  

Here are a few tips to help you take the first step:

1. Change Up Your Routine!

For example, are Monday nights a night you would normally stay home for dinner and watch TV?  Sign up for a class of some sort (yoga, painting, dancing).  Meet some new people and have NEW conversations!  

You never know who you’ll meet and what new opportunities and adventures you’ll learn about by simply talking and sharing with someone new.

2. Plan A Challenging Physical Goal

Set a goal to run a race or some other physical activity that you need to work up to.  By doing this you’re taking small steps towards a large accomplishment.  

You’re learning what you can and can’t do from the beginning and seeing your improvement with each day of training.  

Celebrate those improvements!   Find an accountability partner and WORK IT!  The pride you’ll feel after you complete the goal will give you a new sense of accomplishment.  Ignite a new fire for the next adventure!!  

3. Improve Your Communication Skills

Is communication and/or speaking publicly something you’d love to improve?

’m working on this myself!  I’ve heard that joining Toastmasters has been VERY beneficial for many.  The key is to find a club that suits you (there are thousands and not all are a fit for everyone).  There are also public speaking mentors and classes.   

Find one in your area and commit to being a beginner to grow your confidence in communication.  That is something that will benefit you in a BIG way in business and in life.  

4. Volunteer In A NEW Place:

If you normally volunteer with the blood bank then you already know the routine and the people, which is great!  Try volunteering with an organization outside of your comfort zone.  

It will allow you to meet NEW people, have NEW conversations, and learn something NEW.  

Encourage variety and change in your life, it’s where the adventure begins!  There are a lot of great organizations to choose from right in your community.

So… Be FIERCE, BE MIGHTY AND BE BRAVE my friends!   Conquer those “beginner fears”.  The BEST things in life happen outside of your comfort zone!  

Ashley Woodbine

Ashley Woodbine


Ashley lives in Toronto with her Husband and little pooch.  She is an entrepreneur with a main focus on helping other entrepreneurs flourish in their online businesses.  Check out “That Savvy Entrepreneur’ and more about Ashley here.


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