We’re Rebels With A Cause

We’re Here To Sell You, On You.

The Whole World Needs A Retrain



The world has to change the way it treats women and girls.

We’re not asking permission.

It’s Time. For Us. To Rise.

The Facts

It’s time to change the data.

To unleash your fierce.

To change the way that women treat women.

To change the way that girls treat girls.

To set the example for the future.

To learn from history and write herstory…

To make a difference.

And change the world, together.

Spread the word.

  • Women still only earn on average 72% of what men earn in North America for the same jobs 72% 72%
  • Internationally only 5% of Start-Up founders are women 5% 5%
  • Only 25% of computing jobs are held by women today 25% 25%
  • Women in tech who are under 25 earn on average 29% less than their male counter parts 29% 29%
  • Only 12% of women negotiate for a raise during a job offer or performance review 12% 12%
  • Only 30% of women are financially literate 30% 30%
  • Only 4.2% of Fortune 500 company CEO’s are women. 4.2% 4.2%
  • Less than 15% of women hold senior executive sales roles 15% 15%
  • Harvard Business Reviews study of 7,280 leaders, 100% of the time women were scored as more effective leaders than men 100% 100%

A Better Future Exists

It’s Up To Us To Build It…

Education Is Power



It’s time to get loud.  To stand up for what you believe in.

To take up more space.

And right this ship for womankind.

Join the school.  Join the community.



Spread the word.

“Fake It Till You Make It” As A Strategy, Sucks.

It’s Time To Fix It

And Step Up

Stand Taller

From Now On

Join Us

How She The Mighty Started

Michell has worked as a sales, leadership, and business consultant for over 25 years.  She built and ran the largest and most successful sales force “for hire” in Canadian history (billing over 10 million a year in commissions)

She’s interviewed over 50,000 people, and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs open and scale their businesses.

The differences between men and women fascinated her.

Our dispositions, emotional intelligence, leadership abilities, communication skills and confidence levels all followed certain patterns.

Our expectations, willingness (and know-how) to negotiate, assertiveness, resilience when meeting rejection, courage, confidence and guts all played into our successes or failures.

The primary roadblocks that persisted to be barriers for the thousands of women she consulted with and coached, were undeniably similar amongst our gender.

They were the same roadblocks she faced personally when she started her career at the age of 19.  The data that needs to change to permit equal opprtunity, equal rights and no barriers to the highest offices on the planet begins with education.

This school and platform was created to provide that education for free.

We. Are. The. Answer.

Empowering women and girls to lead and succeed brings a different set of players to the game…

It’s time to do that.  To shuffle the deck and play a new hand…

Taking a stand for yourself and your beliefs is one thing.

Doing so in an educated way, with accelerated communication skills, business savvy, elevated confidence and leadership skills, takes you to an entirely new atmosphere…

That’s where we intend to launch you to.

Join Us.  Help us change the world…


Our Kindness Project

This project began in 2013 when I was researching happiness for my next book  Dare to Lead, and travelling across Canada.  I performed random acts of kindness and gave out home made kindness cards asking people to pay the kindness forward.

From as far away as Denmark, I’ve received countless requests from individuals asking how they can participate in this tiny project in a bigger way… This is how.

Perform a random act of kindness and give out a  Kindness Card when you do in an effort to start a kindness chain…

Provide a tool for women and girls to learn how to communicate with each other in a kinder way.  To learn how to freely give compliments.  To learn how to freely receive them.  To understand we have the power to influence the self esteem and self concept on an entire GENDER if we so desire…

The deal is that in order for someone to accept your tiny gift, they must agree to “pay it forward” and pass the kindness on with the kindness card, to keep the chain going.

Our mission is to inspire, encourage and influence others with the gift of happiness and hope.  Help us.


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